Twitter Introduce New Feature Against Abuse Safety Mode

Twitter Safety Mode Feature
Twitter Introduce New Feature Against Abuse Safety Mode

Are you a user of Twitter?

Would you like to know about the safety mode feature?

So in this post, I will share the latest news about Twitter which you should know if you are a Twitter user.

Twitter is introducing a new feature that will solve abuse issues on its platform which is a very common issue now these days.

Twitter Safety mode tends to catch abuse comments, unpleasant comments, or people who used UN-wanted comments of Twitter and block the user for 7 days.

The feature will automatically work once enabled, so now you can get rid of unwanted tweets.

But the feature will be tested first on a tiny group of people.

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How To Enable The Safety Mode Feature In Your Twitter Account?

Step 1

Go to the settings

Step 2

Turn on the safety mode feature

Working After Turn On Safety Mode Feature

Safety Mode

Once you turn on the safety mode feature the system will automatically access your tweets content as well as the connection between user and replier. The accounts which are followed by the user or regularly connected people will UN able to autoblock.

What Katy Minshall Say about Safety Mode Feature?

Below are the words which show that Twitter wants to improve the security of their user and also give people control over other people’s actions.

“While we have made strides in giving people greater control over their safety experience on Twitter, there is always more to be done.

“We’re introducing Safety Mode; a feature that allows you to automatically reduce disruptive interactions on Twitter, which in turn improves the health of the public conversation.”


Like other social media platforms, Twitter is providing new features and upgrading its worth.

On Twitter, you notice that many issues raise from various groups and many people show their haters against different people. It is the best step Twitter takes to resolve these issues.  

I use Twitter and face various issues and I like this new feature, what about you?

According to a report, Twitter is a great platform where 199 million people use Twitter on daily basis and share about various events, products, news, and much more.

Twitter is a great platform that tries to provide its users great features and solve various problems users are facing.

Thanks to Twitter that it takes a new step to secure privacy and respect of users.

Do you like this feature, comment to me, and tell me about your views and advice?

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