The 6 Best Gaming Mouse Pads with High Performance in 2021

Best Gaming Mouse Pads with High Performance in mouse pads for gaming.
best mouse pads for gaming

Everyone who uses the mouse and keyboard must have a pad, whether they are professional Esports gamers or everyday warriors working from home. It’s a simple decision to buy a mouse pad. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve precision and enjoyment with any gaming mouse. Although even the most basic mouse pads offer a significant improvement over using your desk, there are still some important tips and suggestions that everyone should be aware of before they make their purchase. In this article you will know about the Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2021.

Consider These Factors

It is important to consider the behavior and movement characteristics of your mouse, especially in competitive PC gaming. The mouse pad can have an immediate impact on both the performance and aesthetic of your PC gaming experience. Before you decide which mouse pad to choose, there are some important considerations.

Space is the most important consideration. You can find mouse pads in all sizes and shapes, including tiny micro squares or huge desk-covering sheets. Make sure you measure your space before choosing the right size. It is important to determine the thickness and material for your mouse pads. Both can impact how it feels when you use it and how it performs. Additional features such as spill resistance, RGB lighting or USB passthrough are only the beginning. Consider these factor for choosing the Best Gaming Mouse Pads.

A Note on Availability

Most likely due to the dramatic rise in work from home employees, the demand for high-quality mouse pads has skyrocketed, particularly in smaller sizes. Many models are out of stock. To avoid any overcharges, make sure you check the MSRP (the suggested retail price) of the product.

How we chose

We rigorously test all products we recommend. For products we are unable to test, we conduct extensive research and review content from expert sources such as PC Gamer (Eurogamer), IGN, Tom’s Guide and PCGamesN. We also collect thousands of reviews from consumers from online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Walmart. The products were evaluated on their sound quality, features and accessibility as well as cost.

So here is the list of Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2021.


Corsair MM350 Champion Series$28.19

A mousepad that is great for all purposes must include many different things. A consistent, smooth top layer weave is essential for reliable and precise mouse movement. It should be durable and able to withstand everyday heavy usage. You will be working long hours and playing games for hours on it. The Corsair MM350 Champion Series meets all these requirements.

The MM350 is available in two sizes, with different color options. The high-quality rubber weave top cloth provides consistent, precise movement throughout.

The stitched edges prevent fraying and peeling, which is a common problem with regular mouse pads after a while. This mouse pad is thicker and more comfortable to use.

  • Perform consistently and precisely
  • Excellent durability
  • A 5mm thickness gives you comfort and a level surface
  • Black color is expensive


STEELSeries QcK Gaming MousePad$24.98

SteelSeries QcK, the self-proclaimed best-selling gaming surface ever made, has sold over 10,000,000 copies. It is an all-black, straightforward, precise mousepad that can be used by pros and casual gamers alike. The top is made of micro-woven cloth and provides a smooth surface that allows for both small and large mouse movements.

The QcK mousepad is not the most durable, and its edges have started to fray after 4 years of usage. However, for the price it is definitely a winner.

  • Smooth, even movement
  • Side with rubber non-slip back
  • A wide range of sizes available
  • Edges will eventually fray
  • For some people, may be too thin


Logitech G440 Hard Gaming mouse pad

LOGITECH$27.25$19.99 (27% Off)

While not suitable for everyone, mouse pads with hard surfaces are ideal for certain activities. Hard mouse pads are better for games that require quick mouse movement and high DPI because they have a smoother, harder top. The size of hard mouse pads is generally smaller and can be made from plastic, rubber or metal.

Logitech G440 mousepads are among the most affordable and best-balanced of all hard mouse pads. The G440’s smooth, plastic top is perfect for quick gaming and has enough resistance to keep it from sliding. The G440’s middle-of-the road size and thickness combined with a minimal aesthetic make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a hard mousepad.

  • Very low friction is great speed
  • Simple design, but compatible
  • Some durability issues


Razer Firefly Hard V2 RGB Gaming mouse pad$49.99$39.99 (20% off)

It may sound crazy to have customizable lighting on your mousepad, but some companies can do it without sacrificing design or performance. Razer is one company that can put effective RGB on almost anything. Firefly V2 is a hard mousepad that features fully chromatic RGB, but does not compromise a gaming surface.

Razer’s Razer Chroma software is used in the Firefly V2. It allows fully customizable RGB lighting with 19 lighting zones around mouse pads. The Firefly V2 adds a vibrant spin to precision mouse performance with its comfortable size and 3mm thickness.

  • Fully customizable RGB with 19 light zones
  • High quality, hard-plastic top layer
  • Cable catch can be a bit silly


MOUSE PASUS ROG Sheath Extend Gaming Mouse Pad $27.99SHOP NOW

Many of the mouse pads in this list are larger, but the ASUS ROG Sheath Extended can cover the entire surface of your desk and turn it into a mouse’s playground.

The Sheath Extended measures 35.4×17.3 inches. It is large in size, but also has solid design, great durability, and a low cost. The Sheath Extended is an excellent choice for desk-sized mouse pads.

  • Huge size
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Large branding
  • Some people may find 3mm thickness too thin


Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad$42.99

If you want your mouse pad to be double-duty, the Corsair MM1000Qi wireless charging station is for you. The MM1000 can be used with a variety of devices, such as wireless earbuds or flagship smartphones that support Qi charging.

Your device(s), which are currently charging in the top-right-hand corner, can still be used to play games with confidence because the mousepad is a high quality, low-friction, hardtop design.

  • Qi wireless charging
  • USB 3.0 passthrough Op
  • Design open enough for charging and mouse usage

so these are the 6 Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2021

The 6 Best Gaming Mouse Pads with High Performance in 2021
Best Gaming Mouse Pads
best mouse pads for gaming.

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