Telegram new features have launched in 2021

Telegram new features have launched in 2021

Development is necessary with every passing period as people demand new features for better results. Telegram has now launched new features, especially video calling one. The new development in Telegram will let 1000 people join a group video call. It also has a feature of video messages with a good resolution.

However, it has come with the most advanced features that can help people a lot in many ways. Now, video calling in Telegram group with family, friends, and business purposes has become easy and helpful. with a good resolution, you can connect with others at any time without any interruption. It is giving people a good time of technology usage with the desired method; either video calls, video messages, or voice messages. You can choose whatever you want.

Highlighted new Telegram features:

  • Video calling with the features of 1000 joinings in a single Telegram group video call
  • Offers screen sharing with all the participants of the group video call
  • Video messages
  • Video playback speed adjustment

These amazing features have left behind many apps like WhatsApp. You can now access these amazing features. It has told to develop much more features in the future.

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Video Calling

With the launching of the amazing features of Telegram, the most important feature is the video call on Telegram groups. In Telegram groups, you can call up to 30 participants with 1000 views. The company has mentioned that it will increase until all the humans can join one video call.

Screen Sharing

Telegram has now added the features to share your mobile screen during the call. If you are watching a movie, then you can share it with your friends. Telegram has elaborated the feature in its blog. According to it;

“When switching on video during any call, you can swip to choose a camera or share your screen instead – use the video preview to make sure that everything is perfect before going live.”


Video Message features of Telegram

The video massages feature has now been updated with the speed setting. You just have to tap and hold the video message and the video will be in high resolution. It is the simplest way to share your surroundings without filling your gallery with videos. Your video will not save in the gallery.

Video Playback Speed

Moreover, there are features of Telegram via which you can change the playback speed of the Telegram videos. The media player on Telegram now supports 0.5X, 1.5X. and 2.0X speed.

Thus, You can enjoy the amazing features that will help you in many ways. You can easily enjoy yourself with your friend with the screen-sharing facility. You can also handle your business via a group video call feature. Enjoy your journey with these features!

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