Samsung to start production of smartphones in Pakistan

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We all know Samsung to be one of the world’s most famous and critically acclaimed smartphone manufacturer. Samsung Smartphones are state of the art, produce in the highest quality and used by people all over the world. Recently, Samsung has come into agreement with Pakistan’s Lucky Motor Corporation to start production of phones in Pakistan by November of 2021.

Hammad Azhar, Pakistan’s Minister for Energy and Member of National Assembly congratulated Lucky Group and Samsung in a tweet made by him on July 16th, 2021 quoted below:

He says that these developments and positive relations between Samsung and Pakistan are a result of the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). BIRBS sanctioned controls and eliminated the smuggling of smartphones.

This smuggling problem has been a big issue for the Pakistani government for decades. Smuggle phones are sold at a lower price. These are used mostly by person who cannot afford or don’ t have access to legally issued company phones. But as this practice is illegal and can result in years of jail time, Pakistan has been taking measures to prevent smuggling and sale of these phones.

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Hammad Azhar has also tweeted:

“They [Samsung Pakistan MD and CEO] appreciated both policies and are now actively considering setting up a smartphone assembly plant in Pakistan.”

What will it mean for Pakistan?

These efforts in DIRBS have finally led to this agreement between Pakistan and Samsung to start production locally. This can mean a lot of good things to come for Pakistan. It is a new step into the growing world of technology and its most successful sector, smartphones. Pakistan has a dire need for technological environment, and collaboration with a big global giant such as Samsung will lead to worldwide recognition.

This collaboration can also prove to be beneficial for telecom and mobile phone sector of Pakistan. Overall, Pakistan will benefit greatly with a big collaboration with a company as big as Samsung. Ventures like this never go wrong!

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