Pakistan’s Biggest E-commerce Stores.

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Making money with e-commerce on internet is what everyone wants. Pakistan’s e-commerce is fixing its roots in the field. There are two main reasons why every entrepreneur prefers to work with the domain on e-commerce.

First of all, the e-commerce model does not require a lot of hard work as compared to the service based model takes, so there are more chances of product sales than services. The second reason is that in term of competition, e-commerce is still not as saturated as services. You wouldn’t believe your eyes on checking out the number of people working on Fiverr and Amazon.

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E-Commerce in Pakistan

E-commerce in Pakistan has still not reached to the threshold level as like other countries like India. Pakistan’s e-commerce is in a new entrant economy and it has been check in comparison to other states. But with the passage of time it is going to hit threshold.

Pakistan’s Biggest E-commerce Stores

Some of the biggest Pakistan’s e-commerce stores in market are the following:


These stores offer a variety of categories by which you are suppose to measure the Audience, Growth and Business Model.

some of the e-commerce categories are enlist below:

  1. Big Shot Multi-Retailers: the multi-retailers list items from a wide array of categories. These stores are Daraz, Yavo, Kaymu etc.
  2. Medium Size Multi-Retailers: These stores have their own established online stores, and are trying hard to summit and the small category products includes stores like GoTo, etc. They are not as big as Daraz.
  3. Small Size Multi-Retailers: these stores are not as big as medium range online stores. They focus on one niche and try to leverage their specialty to drive sales. The examples of these stores are and etc.
  4. Facebook Retailers: These retailers have a well established facebook community and groups like facebook business pages, like Lahore buy and sell etc.

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