MagDart vs MagSafe, Android’s Brick to Apple & its Technology!

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With the emergence of up to the minute furtherance in technology there are a number of new gadgets on their way to get launched. Realme is about to launch first ever Android phone that is capable of magnetic wireless charging. This is unique in its on way like the Apple’s MagSafe technology. This is going to be a huge competition to the already existing smart gadgets as the new emerging technologies are raising with extraordinary new features that are unique distinguishing it from the old ones. It is going to be feature on the upcoming smartphone, Realme Flash.

Apple vs Realme.

MagDart is thinner and has an appearance similar to the MagSafe Apple’s wireless charger. Realme Flash MagDart charger is the first ever android technology that has new features. The CEO of the Realme says that this charger has the capacity of 440% faster charging system. this charger is going to be a comparison to the Apple’s safe charger that is the only commercially available charger till date. Apple is being always in the spotlight whether its in mobile phones, laptops, smart watches and other accessory gadgets the hype is always surrounded by the Apple users and gadgets. Iphone users are considered as the elite class and Apple is known as the most expensive brand. but with the passage of time other companies has launched a number of delicate and eye catching gadgets that are a full optional device and expensive too with all the new features like apple.

All new technologies have brought a shift in the race to be a part of Apple family. people are now trying the latest smart phones who have advanced key features and are even more expensive than the apple gadgets. The perks of using Android phones having the latest key features are no less than the Apple gadgets. The Launch of Realme Flash and Magdart is going to be big hit.

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