Lahore Smart City: Everything you need to know

smart city in pakistan

After Islamabad, Punjab’s capital Lahore is also getting its own Smart City. Lahore Smart City is an exclusive and high-end housing project. It is aiming to be the first smart living housing society in Lahore, run entirely on Iot (Internet of Things) Technology. It is to be a modern addition to the city of Lahore. We all know Lahore to be famous for its historical art and architecture. Lahore Smart City is an effort in promoting contemporary and sustainable living, but at a more executive level.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is an advance technology where multiple devices are connect in an establishment using the Internet. It is essentially a “network of physical objects/devices“. These devices are embed with sensors and top-tier wireless communication technology to make them effectively function with each other.

Internet of things, wireless communication network

Most of the lavish and expensive housing complexes in Lahore Smart City will run on this technology. It makes living easier and more convenient when you can control your whole house with your smartphone. Living easily is all about convenience, and you can buy convenience and luxury in a place like Lahore Smart City.

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Talking about what attractions and facilities City will provide, it includes a Waterfall Park, sustainable job opportunities, Madame Tussaud’s Museum, Landmark Malls and the Lahore Eye. So we can say that it will surely turn out to be a beautiful place to live. Entertainment only adds to the joy of living for you and your loved ones. One of their main goals is to tackle the growing population of the vast city.

Also, a significant amount of IT work will also be dealt with in the main square of Lahore Smart City. Offices, stockrooms and high-end software houses are going to be built. Specifically for the purpose of strengthening and further developing the technological and IT sector of Lahore.

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Housing areas consist of plots of 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla and 1 Kanal. These are divide into Blocks, namely Executive, General, Overseas, Healthcare, Education and Farmhouses. These include commercial and housing plots, markets and squares etc.

Planning and Investments

This elite housing environment is brought to Lahoris by Habib Rafiq (PVT) Limited in collaboration with Surbana Jurong, the Singapore-based consultancy company. Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the top planner of the Smart City, another example of their exemplary work with major different planning ventures. They are responsible for beautiful and eye-catching buildings, creating attractive and sustainable infrastructure and outstanding professional urban development.

Habib Rafiq PVT LTD is also a major name in infrastructure projects, aviation and airports and housing projects. Also includes roads and other city development related projects. These two firms are coming together to create an example of luxury housing for Lahore Smart City. The links to learn more about both these firms are given respectively below:


Lahore Smart City is to be located near Lahore Bypass It bridges Lahore with Kala Shah Kaku and Sheikhupura on Lahore Ring Road and M2 Motorway. The complete land area of Lahore Smart City is 55,000 (kanal).

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Once completed, Lahore Smart City will be the most advanced and luxurious housing areas in Lahore. It has also become the top choices of investors all across Pakistan. Investment in technology like this rarely proves wrong!

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