Instagram’s new safety settings for teenagers: could it help in preventing predators?

Instagram new features

Instagram has become one the biggest and most-used social networking applications, used worldwide by celebrities, political figures and the general public alike. Recently, they have introduced a new and much-needed feature on its mobile app, which adds to ensuring security of Instagram’s young users.

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The main purpose of this new security feature is to prevent the ever-growing cases of child predators, who are interacting with, grooming underage children and coercing them into doing age-inappropriate things.

This new change in Instagram has come directly from the pressure Facebook is under from the general public and authorities. This is because they have repeatedly failed to ensure the online safety of underage kids ( 16 and younger).

So, it has finally been decided to introduce a feature that makes a person’s account automatically private, if their given date of birth constitutes to them being under 16 years of age.

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Furthermore, on such user’s accounts, they have also put in measures to stop certain adult accounts from interacting with them, and restricted the way advertisers use their data to promote certain content.

On social networking sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, there aren’t a lot of ways to monitor and control what is being shown to its users. There are no “correct” ways of using the Internet. But with this new feature in place, Instagram can control what is being shown to its underage users. They can then decide whether this content is age-appropriate or not.

Recently, there have been more and more cases of child predators preying on gullible teenagers, eliciting private information and pictures from them to use in illegal practices such as blackmailing. This has of course, caused unrest and is very harmful for a child’s mental and physical health.

With this new feature, the number of adults interacting with Instagram’s young users would fall significantly. This makes them less susceptible to danger and harm. Obviously, parents and guardians are also to monitor their underage children’s activities on social media sites. This ensures that no harm comes to them and thus unpleasant events will be avoided.

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