how to add idm extension in google chrome manually.

how to add idm extension in google chrome
how to add idm extension in google chrome

Hi everyone! In this article I’ll tell you that how can enable the extension of the internet download manager for google chrome. Step by Step

How do I install IDM

Steps: Click the “Try Internet Download Manager” button to get a free trial. 

Double-click to launch the installer file. You can now download the installer file.

Click OK.

Click Next. Next.

Now click and verify the. Now click and check the.

Click Next.  Next.

Click Browse to modify the installation location (optional). 

Now click and uncheck the

How can I enable the Chrome Extension

Start the Google Chrome browser.

Look to the right for the icon of 3 dots.

To open the menu, click that icon

Look for “More Tools” and then “Extensions”.

Scroll down until the “VirtualShield” section appears. This VPN is a reliable and fast

To toggle it to enabled, click the checkbox beside “Enable”.

Steps to get IDM in Google Chrome.

The first step is we need to search the idmgcext.crx file in my computer section. To do that we need to go to the my computer. And there in the local drive c you will find the program files.

After that we need to find the internet download manager folder. Now there in the search button you need to write down the file name and after that you need to search for it.

And if you don’t find the file in the internet download manager folder don’t worry just minimize the window and go to google.

And after that you need to write down the file name .After that download and click on the search button, And after clicking the search button you will be redirected to a window.

Website For download IDM extension:

There will be so many searching option you will click on the second website don’t worry I will give the name of the website here (

You can also download the file directly from this site. Just scroll down to find the pink color download extension crx file. Click on the button to open a new window. Click on the Download button. It will open in a new window. You can ignore it, and the file will be automatically downloaded.

And there it is in your desktop you need to just extract the file here now. The file has been extracted just copy the file just copy it.

Now after that go to the previous window of my computer and there in the internet download manager folder. There you need to paste the file just paste it and just minimize it.

Now we need to go to the google chrome and there in the extension section to find the extension there. Just click here and more tool and then extension. The extension window will look like this.

Screen Short of Extension window.

Just minimize it go to the file just drag the file in the google chrome extension window just drop it. And there it is now a new pop-up will appear just add extension and there it will be added to your google a extension section.

There you can enable it or disable it now you can enjoy the idm extension with google chrome.

And to reconfirm that we need to click on a more setting that is just open the idm download manager then options. After that just confirm that the google chrome is selected then okay.

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