Great News for The Vloggers!

ZV E10

Here is a good news for the Sony users especially the Vloggers. Sony’s updated ZV cameras series are finally here. Sony has updated its ZV lineup camera range once again with more solid features. That can be bombastic for the aesthetic recording of the videos and vlogs. One of the most prominent feature of the updated series is that it has interchangeable ability of the lens.

If one of you are not having a heavy pocket to buy Alpha 6400 than Sony’s update ZV camera series is for you. There are some of the missing features then Alpha 6400 but ZV E10 has more vlogging-centric features instead. It a watered-down version of Sony Alpha series camera.

The sensors installed in ZV E10 are same as seen on Sony’s Alpha series camera that are 24.2MP APS-C sensor. In addition to the the camera results there is a huge storage capacity too. ZV E10 is capable of recording 4000 videos at 30 FPS at a wide dynamic range with its S-Log2. S-Log3 and HLG profiles.

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Sony ZV E10

Another hit feature in Sony’s updated ZV camera series is that it has replaced the flip-up display with a single hinge display. That can flip out and turn the other way going to make self recording.

Moreover it has touchscreen display which is easy to use. There is a huge stereo microphone at the top which comes with a wind muffler. That is one of its unique features.

Sony’s updated ZV camera series is specifically design for the beginners. ?So it has a direct recording button. If you want to record something in seconds without stacking into the settings of the camera. You will simply press the record button and start recording. ZV camera series is very similar to its Alpha 6400 which is hit since its launch.

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