Best Wi-Fi Routers For high speed Internet

Best Wi-Fi Routers For high speed Internet
Best Wi-Fi Routers For high speed Internet

Wi-Fi routers, although a common technology in most homes, are often overlooked when it comes to troubleshooting slow internet speeds and other connectivity issues. It is important to choose a reliable router, and make sure it has been updated within the last five years. This can mean the difference in smooth streaming and buffering. These are the top routers that will keep you connected regardless of how much space or number of devices.

You can find quick information on the top five Wi Fi Routers below. Then scroll down to read detailed reviews, buying advice, and buy advice for these models. GREAT VALUE

It is a reliable router that can be used in most homes, up to 1500 square feet. FOR GOOGLE HOUSE USERSgle Nest WiFi$160.00SHOP NOW

Get more Wi-Fi coverage.PREMIUM MESH

The top mesh system covers approximately 2,000 square feet per Eero Hub.

Two satellites connect to the Orbi router, extending reliable internet coverage across large areas.

You can get high-speed internet at no extra cost.

Things to Consider

Wi-Fi routers should be considered in relation to the area they will be used. You may not need a very powerful router if you are connecting to a small space. You will need one for larger homes or to connect multiple devices to your internet at the same time. Wi-Fi routers are often rated to cover a certain area. Be sure to compare that space with your own living space. You should also be aware of the fact that your router may only reach your square footage, but your home’s structure (e.g. stone walls or thicker walls) could prevent your signal from reaching your entire home. An extender (or mesh system that includes satellites) is recommended to cover any gaps.

Many people choose to have their router and modem system provided by their phone provider. However, it’s usually cheaper to purchase one yourself and can provide more reliable Wi-Fi. Phone companies often do not offer routers with the latest technology. This means that you will end up paying more to get a poor product. It is important to consider the purpose of your router before you buy it. A Wi-Fi system with enough bandwidth and speed is essential for smart homes or other smart devices.

About Bands

Radio bands determine how strong your Wi-Fi is and how fast it can travel through barriers and walls. You’d likely find at least one decent router today. One band will be a 2.5-gigahertz band which offers lower speeds at longer distances, while the other band will be a 5-GHz band which delivers high-speed internet at shorter ranges. Together, they provide reliable and extensive internet access.

Bluetooth devices operate at 2.4 GHz. This band can quickly get clogged up. Many routers let you choose the band that you want to connect to. This allows you to easily work around congestion and select the most appropriate band for your purpose. For example, streaming a movie or game through the 5-GHz band can avoid lagging. When scrolling through Instagram, connect to 2.4 GHz.

A tri-band router can be purchased if you need more bandwidth. It has two 5 GHz and one 2.4 GHz bands. It’s possible to assign devices to different bands. This is great if you have many users and want to stream video or games. Dual-band routers are sufficient for most homes. If your router becomes slow or lagging, it is possible to upgrade.

Wi-Fi extenders vs. Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

Wi-Fi extenders let you extend your internet’s reach without having to replace the entire router. Although these are very effective, the mesh system is fast becoming the preferred method for extending coverage.

Mesh systems make use of a network of points or hubs to provide high-speed internet access to multiple locations in your home. Many mesh systems can be used as smart speakers, which can play music and podcasts. They also act as virtual assistants that control smart home devices via voice command. Mesh systems also have the advantage of connecting to all hubs under the same network. You can access the same network regardless of where you are located in your house. An extender is not able to enjoy this luxury. To change from one router to another, you will have to switch between networks.

How we chose and rated them

Our testing team has thoroughly reviewed several mesh routers, including the Eero (Google Nest), and Netgear Orbi (Netgear Orbi), and carefully tested them. The remaining 10 mesh routers were reviewed by our test team, who also consulted Tech Radar, PCMag, Digital Trends, and Tech Radar. We also surveyed 12,000 consumer reviews. Our Consumer Score measures the percentage customers who gave the product at least four stars out of five on sites like Amazon, Walmart, or the manufacturers’ websites.

Wi-Fi Routers to get high speed Internet

Here is the list of Best Wi-Fi Routers:


Netgear Nighthawk r6700

Consumer Score83% of respondents give it 4 stars and higherIt is a reliable router that can be used in most homes, up to 1500 square feet.

  • Included are multiple Ethernet and USB ports
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Netgear Armor subscription required to be purchased separately

Netgear Nighthawk R6700 boasts an average rating score of 4.3 stars and over 35,000 Amazon reviews. This makes it one of the most affordable, reliable, and cost-effective Wi-Fi routers. This router is suitable to be used in homes of up 1,500 square feet. It boasts a 16Hz processor, three antennas as well as four Ethernet ports and a USB3.0 port. Netgear Armor provides all the wireless security features you need. The Nighthawk App guides you through the setup of the router as well as managing parental controls such internet content access. Wi-Fi Routers:


Google Nest Wi Fi

Consumer Score81% gave it four stars or more
Get more Wi-Fi coverage.
Google Nest Wifi

  • Simple design, with built-in speakers
  • Google Home integration is amazing
  • Few additional ports

You can find the Google Nest Wi-Fi a great alternative for your standard router, if you are prepared to spend a little more. It is composed of a series of hubs that Google calls “points” and which doubles as smart home speakers. These hubs can stream music and podcasts to other smart devices and also control Google Assistant. This system can be used in conjunction with other Google Home products to maximize your smart experience. Although the satellites lack Ethernet ports, the router still has two Ethernet ports.

The setup took less than 10 minutes, from setting up to connecting to the internet. Google claims one router and one hub can cover up to 3,000 sq. feet. Our testing also found that the device worked as advertised, with high-speed internet available up to 70ft away. It let us stream movies and conduct video chats even though it was not the fastest.


Eero Pro 6.

Score of the Consumer:85% of people give it 4 stars and higher
This top mesh system covers 2,000 sq. feet per Eero Hub.
Eero Pro

  • Seamless connectivity
  • It is easy to use
  • Multiplying Eero routers can be expensive
[ch It is simple and intuitive to set it up and use. The Eero app can also show you connected devices. Eero has the capability to support more than 75 devices. This is confirmed by our tester. “Every room of my 150-year old house is separated by horsehair-plaster walls or lath. This is why Wi-Fi signal and cellular signals can get weakened or blocked in my 150-year-old house,” our tester said. My teenager complained that his Xbox would freeze up during Fortnite battles. The smart TV in our upstairs bedroom also lost its network connection. I simply plugged the Gateway unit into my modem at the first floor and then added another Eero unit upstairs. All issues vanished. The third unit will be saved by me for when I finish renovating my summer house into a guest room.


Netgear Orbi AC3000

Consumer Score82% gave it at least 4 starsThere are many satellites that can be added, including one that acts like a smart speaker.

  • Covers 7500 square feet
  • High prices

If you have to cover large areas, or need to accommodate many users, the Orbi mesh system will work well. With one router and one satellite, the Orbi is capable of covering up to 5,000 feet. Netgear has a range of satellites for outdoor and wall-plug use, as well as one that acts as a smart speaker .

We tested this tri-band mesh system and found it to provide reliable, consistent internet. Amazon Fire TV was able to connect easily to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There was no buffering or lagging. It was also capable of downloading large files up to 30GB to a Playstation. This was slow but steady, and eventually it worked. Instructions could have been more clear. However, it was relatively easy to set up.

–BEST BUDGET Wi-Fi Routers–

Consumer Score82% gave it at least 4 stars
You can get high-speed internet at no extra cost.

Although a powerful processor is crucial for seamless gameplay, it is not enough to overlook your Wi-Fi connection. This dual-band router, even though it does not have the flashy design that gamers expect, can still handle everyday gaming while still providing sufficient bandwidth for other users to connect their devices. The router has four LAN ports that allow wired internet connection, which is often preferred by gamers. Hobby gamers can save money on the Archer A7 by choosing a dual-band router that doesn’t slow down performance while playing most online games.


Asus AC2900

Score of the Consumer:87% of respondents give it 4 stars and higher
Allocate a whole bandwidth for your gaming needs.

  • Adaptive QoS technology
  • USB and Ethernet ports


This dual-band router has enough power to support your everyday connectivity requirements as well as gaming. Asus’s Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) technology makes it possible to allocate bandwidth to gaming using gamer solo mode. This prevents any lagging. You can also connect to your smart home devices and gaming consoles via four LAN ports.


Razer Sila

Score for Consumers:It received 4 stars from 80%.
Razer’s first monitor will complete your Razer gaming setup.

  • Tri-band system
  • Can be connected into a mesh system
  • Expensive
  • No antivirus protection

The Sila looks like a small console and could be the missing piece to your ultimate gaming setup. Razer designed this router with gaming in mind. Because it’s a tri-band system it can handle large amounts of traffic by itself. However, you may want more coverage. Multiple routers can be linked together to form a mesh network, which covers a maximum area of 9,000 feet. This would require significant investment. The Sila is very easy to set-up and includes an Android and iOS app that allows you manage the router, connected devices, internet connection and guest networks. Although the Sila performs well, there is no malware protection. If this is a concern, then you might consider looking for a more secure option.

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