best vpn for android mobile in 2021

Best Android VPN
2021 top VPN for Android

These are the top or best VPN “virtual private networks” to protect your privacy on Android mobile devices.

Your most sensitive online information is stored on your Android devices. Therefore, you may want to use a VPN when using your Android phone and tablet. Android users will be happy to know that VPNs do not have to be bulky, cumbersome desktop clients or heavy software. There are many VPNs out there that are lightweight, portable and easy to use.

The market for mobile VPNs has been growing at an incredible rate. According to  from research firm Top 10 VPN over 480 million mobile apps were downloaded in 2019 worldwide. That’s 54% more than what was reported last year. 75% were downloaded via Android phones, or another Android device.

We recommend you to avoid downloading free Android VPN apps. Instead, get a paid one. A secure and reliable VPN app for Android is the best way to make sure you’re getting your money’s value. OUR’S regularly tests and evaluates featured VPN apps. Be sure to return here as I continue to update this list.

2021 best vpn for android mobile.

Our directory of the best VPN services rates these apps and other apps according to how well the testing and reviewing process went. This list focuses exclusively on mobile offerings of VPN providers. Each Android VPN application listed here comes at a cost. That simply means you will be charged for high speed connection and a reliable, secure virtual private internet. These are the best Android VPN options we  have tested this year.

List Of best vpn for android mobile in 2021

1. Surfshark

It’s the best speedy up-and comer and packed with great features

  • With lots of power under the hood, intuitive app interface
  • No. of servers: 3200+
  • Number of VPN server addresses: 65
  • British Virgin Islands

Surfshark app for Android has a user-friendly interface, which is surprising considering its customization and strong performance as VPN. Its four-tab interface conceals many privacy tools and connections options. A single-click connection button is highlighted on the app’s landing page.

Surfshark offers multihop connection options that you can quickly access through its main location-selection screen. This feature is one its most promising and hides your trail. Surfshark also receives bonus points because it makes its customer support options for Android apps available to all, including its help-ticket feature and the user guide library.

Surfshark’s network might be smaller than others, but its VPN service is packed with features. The biggest benefit it provides is unlimited device support. Surfshark VPN can be used to access your entire home and office. There is no limit to how many devices you have connected. It also offers antimalware, ad blocker and tracker blocking as part its software.

Surfshark is the best speedy up-and comer and packed with great features.

Surfshark got high marks from Cure 53 when it audited its Firefox extensions and Chrome for privacy. Its encryption technology is standard AES256GCM. The browser supports Perfect Forward Secrecy.

The company supports a variety of apps, which can be run on Macs, Windows, iOS, Androids Fire TVs, and routers. Surfshark also supports game consoles. I enjoy the security feature that allows the user to whitelist certain apps or websites in order to bypass the VPN. This can be a critical business feature.

Surfshark’s multihop mode is not the only one available. It also has two other special modes for those who want more privacy and to get around restrictions. Camouflage Mode covers your VPN activity so your ISP isn’t aware that you’re using it. NoBorders Mod “allows you” to use Surfshark safely in restricted countries.

Pay attention. All three of these activities could be illegal in your jurisdiction and could result in severe sanctions. During testing, no DNS or IP addresses leaks were detected and I had no problems accessing Netflix.

Surfshark, unlike other VPN providers doesn’t offer an annual plan. Its best offer is $29 per month . For its two-year plan, you pay $60 upfront. A six-month plan costs $6.49/month (roughly $39 per month), and monthly plans cost $12.95/month. The 30-day free trial is a great way to test the service.

Surfshark VPN -Great features

2. Express VPN

Best Android VPNs for privacy and speed

  • App is quick and easy to use.
  • Number of servers: 3000+
  • There are 160 VPN server locations
  • British Virgin Islands

Express VPN’s Android App is designed to connect fast and easily, just like it consistently ranks as the fastest VPN. Android users will find a single button that directs them to connect.

ExpressVPN’s additional options — security and privacy, account and settings options, support page — are all kept under a triangular icon in the screen’s upper left corner. These are definitely worth investigating. ExpressVPN also includes an IP address checker on board, two leak testers, a password generator, and a password generator.

Express VPN is the best Android VPNs for privacy and speed.

Express VPN states that their network is powered by Trusted Server technology. This VPN developed this technology to ensure there are no logs of users’ online activities. It has a solid track record in privacy. It was the subject of a VPN server seize by authorities that proved their zero-log policy. I love the VPN’s setup guides and the FAQ.

Express VPN is one of the top VPN providers that I’ve reviewed. This feature prevents network traffic from leaving the VPN tunnel and prevents it from being accessed by outsiders. Express VPN received points from us, however, because it supports bitcoin as payment method. While this is not something most of our favourites offer, it adds a layer of privacy to the checkout process.

The company has existed since 2009. ExpressVPN is a well-known VPN provider with a vast network of servers across 94 countries. The most affordable plan is $7 per year, and includes three months free.

Express VPN -Speed & Privacy

3. NordVPN

Best Android VPNs to increase security and reliability

  • Reliable and simple to use
  • Number of servers: Over 5,200
  • Number of VPN server sites: 62
  • Panama, country/jurisdiction

NordVPN remains one of most trusted brands in VPN. This brand recognition is partly due to its user-friendliness. Nord’s Android App is just as user-friendly as its desktop VPN Client, and has a similar design. It is easy to use, even for those who are new to the mobile world.

Nord’s desktop client opens to the familiar blue-scale landing map. From there, users can choose to either pick a country or connect automatically to the fastest server. Nord is awarded bonus points because of its split-tunneling function, which allows you choose to block other apps from running through your encrypted VPN connection.

NordVPN is the best Android VPNs to increase security and reliability.

VPN service provider NordVPN allows for six simultaneous connections. This is significantly more than the five allowed by most other providers. NordVPN also offers an exclusive IP option, which allows for different levels of VPN connection. NordVPN includes a kill-switch feature and the ability for users to VPN into Tor. I did not detect any privacy leaks and found the speed to be reliable.

The 1-year subscription plan costs $5.75 each month ($69 billed in one payment). The yearly price is much lower than those of other rivals but the monthly 12 price is quite high. However, the two year plan is now $4.89 per monthly ($117). The plan also includes a full 30-day cancellation policy.

NordVPN is a VPN that has been on my top VPNs lists for a while. I moved it from the top to the penalty list in October 2019. This was to re-evaluate the recommendation following a report that one its rented computers had been accessed illegally in 2018. Nord’s response to the discovery was extensive security audits. A bug bounty program was also implemented and more investments made in server security.

NordVPN is not responsible for any user activity logs. While I would have preferred Nord to disclose the issue earlier, it was a limited breach that did not involve user-identifying information. Nord remains my preferred vendor.

Nord VPN -security & reliability

4. IPVanish

Best Android VPN to Starters (beginners)

  • Most configurable VPN app
  • Number of servers: 1600+
  • Number of server sites: 75+
  • US, Country/jurisdiction

HTML Vanish wins big because of its configurable interface. This makes it a perfect client for people who want to understand the intricacies behind a VPN. IP Vanish’s Android App packs the same set of digital buttons and dials on a smaller screen. The result is impressive.

IPVanish is an excellent choice if you want to control the VPN connection’s settings. IPVanish can generate visual graphs showing your internet activity as well as controlling split tunnelling and LAN connectivity allowance. This app is for the techie who likes to be in complete control of their mobile internet traffic.

IP Vanish is best Android VPN for beginners.

Its multiplatform flexibility is ideal for anyone looking for a Netflix-friendlyVPN.

IPVanish’s support of Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a distinctive feature. Anyone with a serious interest in media has either used or created XBMC or Kodi as a media player. IPVanish Kodi provides global access to all media.

IPVanish will move you towards the annual program at $10 per month or $80 each year. Although the trial period is only seven days, and not 30 days as promised, it does come with a money-back guarantee. The company should be praised for its recent increase of simultaneous connections from 10 up to unlimited. I also appreciated the connection kill feature. This feature is crucial for surfing anonymously. PLEASE SEE IPVANISH. best vpn for android mobile

Which Android VPN is best right now?

Its remarkable performance and unlimited device support makes it an excellent choice. Surfshark OUR’S’s current top selection for best Android VPN. ExpressVPN It comes in second place among Android VPN choices and is an effective and simple app. It’s not the cheapest VPN option, but it’s the fastest. NordVPN A hardcore heavy-hitter is the third option. It is more expensive that Surfshark, but it is cheaper than Express. It also has an immense network that is always growing faster and more secure. I found it to be the most reliable. This is the final part of the group. IPVanish A solid choice for beginners.

IP Vanish -Best for beginners

So these are the best vpn for android mobile in 2021.

What is a VPN mobile?

A mobile-friendly VPN will allow you to get faster speeds and provide greater data privacy for your device. Mobile VPNs tend to have smaller memory footprints than desktop VPNs. Additionally, they use less power and are faster. The top three VPNs mentioned above offer easy-to–use mobile apps. Some VPNs work only with specific platforms like Android and Apple, while some others are universally compatible.

So now its on you to decide which one is the best vpn for android mobile for you.

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