7 Steps For Securing Your Privacy On WhatsApp Easily

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Many people worldwide use WhatsApp and the concerned about protecting privacy and data.

Do you want to secure your data from hackers?

Would to like to protect your privacy?

Do you want to keep your chat private?  

In this article, I will tell you about 7 steps of securing your privacy to protect your WhatsApp account.

Here are 7 steps which are as follow:

Verification Of End-To-End Encryption Code

When you chat with someone else, the data automatically changes in encrypted by the built-in system. But when you share with some your details or picture. Make sure that Encryption is enabled or not; otherwise, you can face a scam. 

You need to check your Encryption is activated or not. Go to open personal chat of person > click on the name of contact > click on Encryption. 

Over there, you will see 40 digits code known as a QR code, a security code. Press on Scan code and compare it by the 40 digit QR code. If the QR code matches the scan code, its means end-to-end Encryption is activated. 

Always Turn On Security Notifications

Suppose someone in your contact change device or phone. 

You should create a new security code used for both devices; make sure when you get a notification about changing the security code; you have to activate your security by going to the setting. 

In case you get a notification, you also ask your friends’ relatives if they have changed their phone or device.   

  • Go to WhatsApp Tap on settings
  • Tap on the account, then security
  • Show security notification 
  • Now click on enable

So you will always receive notifications about your existing contact that changes their device. 

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Activate Two-Step Verification 

The two-pin is a code that is created by you for security reasons and keeps your WhatsApp details in your hand.

When you get hacked by anyone or change your device, you will receive your new code, your account registration code. Always remember, don’t ever give you any code which you receive from any other contact. Otherwise, your WhatsApp gets hack.

For that to have Go to settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable and set your PIN. In case of forgetting the code, you can recover it through email.  

Manage Your Privacy 

Make your profile picture or status visible to your contact only. If someone other has your number, don’t get access to your status or profile picture. You can also hide your last seen time, location, and further details. So your privacy is in your hand also, always handling your privacy sensibly to protect yourself from scams or security issues. 

Go to Settings> Account> privacy> you will receive various options about last seen, profile photo, About, Status, Groups > Select my contacts.

Keep Turn Off Backups By Google Drive Or ICloud  

WhatsApp already has an end-to-end encryption option, but it also gives its users the opportunity to back up their chat on Google Drive or iCloud. The backup in Google drive or iCloud is not encrypted. 

So a hacker can hack your account through your backups. So make sure you turn off backup google drive or iCloud.

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint lock

You want to make your account safe and secure. You can enable Fingerprint lock on WhatsApp. It will able your WhatsApp, open by Fingerprint.

For that, you have to go to Settings>Account>privacy> enable Fingerprint lock.

Safe Yourself From Scam

You have to face many scams on WhatsApp; you might receive a message for code or call. So don’t give anyone your code.

Your social media Codes are like your bank account code that to don’t have to tell anyone.

So keep yourself away from scams. In case of any fraud, just go to the two-pin code and immediately change it.           

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