What’s New in the World of Mobile Technology? 5 Mobile Technology Trends That Are Overpowering

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As you know technology is increasing day by day as world is updating. In past year’s mobile technology also introduce many updates that shocked people.

So in this article, I will mainly focus on 5 mobile technology trends that are overpowering, used by in our daily life.

5 mobile technology trends that are overpowering


Do you know about Google Assistance, Siri, Alexa. These are all linked with AI you can download these devices on mobile. AI now used in various mobile applications like face detection, finger print lock, and now voice recognition that make usage of mobile very easy and fast. You can enjoy any hand-free experience.

Health Services

In past few days COVID-19 changed every aspect of live and affects people worldwide. But this new technology also give you chance to contact with doctor or keep yourself healthy online.

Through mobile application you can contact doctor and the apps can trace COVID 19 patients.

The technology will make your journey easier and millions on people around world using new technology.

Mobile Tracking Location Technology

The new technology track your location and you can use your location on various location tracking app like” Google Map”.

But don’t worry it is up to you, where you have to use your location. For using each app, app will ask you to turn on your location.  

Many applications that used your location like online store app, transportation app like Uber, online food apps etc.  Ask you “Allow—-to access you location while you use this app?”

This location technology will track your location and you don’t have to enter your whole address as previously.

Mobile AR Technology

Augmented reality is based three main things which are connected with real life things, a mixture of real and virtual things as well as involve 3D representation of real things.

The examples of this new technology are Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook. It gives your picture new look, it’s very interesting and trending feature introduce by mobile technology.

Many other business companies also working on its application on their devices like intragram or Facebook.

Syncing Device Technology

Smartwatch sync

There are many syncing devices are introduce in market that are linked with your phone. They paired with the help of your Bluetooth like Fit bit that track your progress like steps, fitness, and walking, sleeping action.

You can also receive, message, call alerts on you device like smart watch, fitness bracelets and much more. Many people worldwide using this technology, you can get updates about you fitness on phone automatically how much you walk, your rest time much more.

Syncing Devices For Home And Security

Technology helps people to make their life more comfortable and easy. Mobile apps enable you to control your home temperature in home or you are not at home. You can set temperature just by using mobile applications.

This not ends yet you can also handle your security on mobile. There are mobile apps that synced with doorbell and camera and you can know whose there on door by using your phone.  

New technology now introduces which tell you what things are inside your refrigerator and what’s the temperature.

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These are 5 mobile technology trends that are overpowering. Mobile technology makes people like very easy and comfortable there are more new technology like finding online job, online delivery like BYKEE, online food, shopping  accessories, essential items transportation apps, online billing and many new technology in the world of mobile to make your life easy.

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